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You're just getting going. Is your idea viable? Can you get your business off the ground?

We help you find product-market fit, build a revenue model, determine your unit economics and find capital that will allow you to grow.


You've reached takeoff. But how do you grow? How do you balance team and product and customers?

We help you find the metrics that matter—the few you'll want to obsess over. We help you budget and forecast and match these plans with setting up vital systems from finance to payroll to CRM.


You've proven your business in the market. But now you need to accelerate growth.

We help you find the operational efficiencies you need to take your business to the next level. You'll shift from being worried about cashflow optimizing your cash cycle to power your company to the next level.

We'll provide strategic leadership along with day-to-day management of your company's financials.

About us

X Foundry is a virtual CFO firm, providing financial and strategic advisory services. We are experts at startup strategy, fundraising, M&A and financial planning and forecasting. We have worked on over $2 billion in transactions including acquisitions, project finance, real estate and venture capital. We work with businesses across many sectors including aerospace, agriculture, apps, artificial intelligence, beverages, consumer products, digital media, education, financial services, internet services, real estate, renewable energy and SaaS.

We start as early in your business as you need us, as strategic advisors and executive coaches. We scale up to virtual CFO and COO services, managing your finance and operational processes. What sets us apart from others is that we understand the big picture of finance—raising capital, M&A, long-term planning—that will improve your financial health, growth and success.

We have significant experience helping entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses by increasing revenue, reducing cost and reducing risk. We’ve helped get businesses off the ground, helped others grow beyond $100 million in revenue and helped others raise millions of investment.

Our experience includes working with leading organizations including Adobe, Apple, Charles River Ventures, Cisco, Fonterra, Google, Morgan Stanley, the New York Times, Quartz, SunPower, Transpower NZ, the US Department of Energy and the World Green Building Council.

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We start as early in your business as you need us, as strategic advisors and executive coaches.

We scale up to virtual CFO and COO and manage your outsourced finance and operational processes.

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